General conditions

* Driver’s age minimum 20 years.
* Driver should have two years of driving experience.
* Minimum rental period is 24 hours (an extra day is charged for more than two hours).
* Fuel and refueling service are not included in the price.

Insurance conditions

All vehicles are insured in case of damage done to a third party (compulsory insurance).
If the Rapid Rent Vehicle is damaged by the fault of another vehicle, the damage in this case is not covered by the Rapid Rent vehicle CASCO insurance but by the compulsory insurance policy of that (responsible) party. That is why it is very important to make a police record and fill in the appropriate forms.

You should definitely call your nearest Rapid Rent branch.

If a Rapid Rent vehicle is damaged by the fault of its driver (the party who rented it), liability for damages is secured by compulsory payment of a daily insurance premium (CDW).
This Casco insurance does not cover the full amount of the event, but only the amount of the deductible, depending on the class of vehicle.

CDW also has some exceptions, which are not covered by CASCO insurance:

The CDW does not cover the damage to the following parts: tires, rims, rims and underbody, as these damages are only caused by gross negligence of the driver.
The CDW does not cover engine damage caused by a lack of oil.
The CDW does not cover any damage if the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol (evidence of police records) and if the vehicle was mined or intentionally set on fire.
CDW does not cover damage done by a person not listed in the contract as a driver.

With the purchase of the franchise is CDW + (plus), the lessee is fully covered in the event of damage to the vehicle (the rule on mandatory police records as well as the above exceptions apply).
If the party does not purchase the franchise and the damage incurred is less than the amount of the franchise, the lessee is liable for that smaller amount. If the amount of damage is greater than the deductible amount of the deductible, the party is responsible for the amount of the deductible. The rest of the damage is covered by comprehensive insurance.

In the event of a car accident, a police record is required. If a party fails to bring a police record CDW or CDW + does not apply at all and the party is responsible for the full amount of damages.
TP (theft protection) does not apply in case of lost keys or loss of vehicle documents.

Procedure in case of a traffic accident:
Secure the vehicle from further damage, call the police and the nearest Rapid Rent branch, make a statement and fill out the appropriate forms.

Payment for services can be made:

* Cash (KM / BAM currency)
* Bank transfer to one of our bank accounts (KM or EURO currency)
* Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, AmEx).
* In case of rental of vehicles by legal entities, the delivery of a valid purchase order is also required.

Booking procedure
Reservations should be sent to our central Reservation Service preferably at least 48 hours prior to pickup. Each of us confirmed reservations will receive their number and will be returned by fax or e-mail back to the Agency.

Subsequent changes to reservations or cancellations must also be sent to email

Acceptance of reservation
Each reservation must be submitted and confirmed by our reservation center at least 24 hours before the desired pick-up.

In some exceptional cases, during peak season, Rapid Rent may refuse to confirm the reservation due to full capacity. By sending a reservation on time, you can completely reduce the possibility of such rejections.

Additional services

* Shipping and pickup
* Car rental with driver
* Ability to leave vehicles in all European countries
* Special discount for long-term leases as well as leases for a large number of vehicles.


Crossing the border is allowed only with the approval of  Rapid Rent and only in the following countries in Europe:
Austria, Montenegro, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland.

Crossing the border is not allowed for countries not on the list.

The border crossing permit is payable at a later date, depending on the country you are traveling to and the price ranges from 30 KM (15 EUR) to 80 KM (40 EUR) max.


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